Labor and Employment Law

In recent years, employment law has become increasingly complex and expansive with such developments as the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, the revised Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Affordable Care Act. In addition, employee claims for matters such as discrimination are skyrocketing, thereby resulting in huge defense costs for employers.

Our Team represents public and private employers in all facets and at all stages of employment and labor relations. We regularly represent public employers in labor relations matters and union contract negotiations.

Our clients value the collaborative, client-centered focus that is the foundation of our approach to achieving successful outcomes, whether in settlement, mediation, or litigation. We continuously consult with our clients on all technical and strategic decisionmaking at every phase of a case or negotiation.

Our Team routinely confronts some of the most challenging issues facing employers in the modern workplace, and they share their expertise with clients both large and small in a variety of industries. We provide expert advice, counseling, training, and liability defense for employers in numerous areas of employment law including:
  • Race, gender, and age discrimination 
  • Disability rights/discrimination
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employee leaves
  • Affirmative action 
  • Wage and hour (FLSA)
  • Safety and Health
  • Substance abuse and drug testing
  • Employee privacy
  • Workplace violence
  • Personnel policies and procedures
  • Employee handbooks

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