Medical Malpractice Defense

We have over four decades of experience defending the hospitals, health systems, and health care providers in this community in medical negligence claims.  The successes that we have had for our clients during that period of time provides the Firm with an enormous sense of pride, and our Medical Malpractice Team works extremely hard to be sure that we continue to achieve those same excellent results for our clients going forward.

Our Team is comprised of Partners, Associates, and a Paralegal, all of whom have experience and familiarity with the complicated medical causation issues on which medical negligence claims so often turn.  We understand that each case presents a unique set of facts, and we are dedicated to doing the research that is necessary to understand the nuances of the medicine involved for each one.  We also have a vast network of extraordinary experts that we draw upon to assist us in understanding the medicine involved, and call on those experts to testify at trial when needed.

To ensure the best client service possible, we work very closely and in collaboration with our clients’ internal risk management professionals in all of our cases to assess and develop an initial strategy, and continually work together to reassess that strategy on an ongoing basis until the case is resolved to the satisfaction of our clients.  We also work directly with the providers involved in our claims, and provide them with consistent support through what is often an unfamiliar and challenging experience.  On some occasions, our representation of providers spans to include administrative professional discipline proceedings (e.g., interviews, hearings, and appeals) initiated by New York State’s Departments of Education and Health.

We have taken dozens of medical negligence cases to trial in jurisdictions throughout New York State, and obtained favorable verdicts for our clients.  The allegations in those cases have included failure to diagnose certain conditions; delay in diagnosing certain conditions; lack of informed consent for certain procedures; exacerbation of certain pre-existing conditions; reduced opportunity for a better outcome; wrongful death; misdiagnosis of certain conditions; medication errors; over-medication; under-medication; and failure to make a referral.  We also have a consistently strong history of achieving success for our clients through dispositive motions for summary judgment; settlement; mediation; and arbitration.