Toxic Tort and Environmental Contamination Defense

Toxic tort claims arise when individuals make claims that they have been exposed to certain environmental contaminants or “toxins” and that their exposure to those contaminants or toxins have caused them to sustain injuries.  We have substantial experience representing premises owners and product manufacturers in the defense of these types of claims.  In particular, the Firm defends a substantial number of claims involving lead-based paint, in which individuals claim that they were exposed to lead-based paint in premises owned by our clients and they have developed serious personal injuries as a result of that exposure.  Similarly, we defend premises owners in matters in which parties are making claims that environmental contaminants on their properties have caused personal injury or property damages.  We also defend manufacturers of asbestos-containing products in claims in which individuals allege that they have developed personal injuries as a result of their exposure to those products.

Science, epidemiology and toxicology are foundational to understanding and defending these types of claims, and our Team has the experience and knowledge needed to understand those important concepts.  Our Team works together with a network of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals to develop and strategize defenses to these complex claims, and has achieved excellent results.

We have a strong record of resolving these “high risk” matters prior to trial through dispositive motions or settlement, though we are always ready, willing and able to try these matters.  We have had good success in challenging the admissibility of expert testimony in these types of claims, and factor that possibility into our strategy whenever it can be used.

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